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The Thai Orchid is Bringing Street Thai Food to Missouri!

Updated: Jun 28

Guys, we are pumped to finally share that the Thai Orchid is opening a new location at Metro North Crossing in the Northland area of Kansas City Missouri. For those who have visited our original location in Mission, Kansas, you know that we pride ourselves on serving authentic Thai cuisine that truly captures the vibrant flavors of Thailand. Now, we're excited to bring this culinary experience to a new location with an updated vibe: a focus on authentic Thai street food.

“At this location, we know that we have the capacity to do more and be more… and that’s what we want to bring to the Northland — creative and tasty Thai street food.”

-Jonathan Rojjanasrirat, owner

We have poured our hearts into making Thai Orchid a success, and we're so grateful for the loyal following we've built over the years. Our commitment to authenticity and quality has always been at the core of what we do, and we're bringing that same dedication to our new Northland location. Don’t worry, we will still have your favorite signature staples like our Pad Thai along with other traditional Thai street dishes.  

Our staff has been busy preparing the new additions to the menu and we are so looking forward to sharing all of it with our loyal, and (soon to be loyal) new customers.  These sample dishes should keep your mouth watering until then.

Yummy Braised Beef Khao Soi
Braised Beef Khao Soi

Braised Beef Khao Soi

— Northern Thai braised beef curry with egg noodles, garnished with cilantro, shallots, crispy noodles, and pickled cabbage (pictured right)

Honey Garlic Soy Ribs

— Juicy and tender ribs glazed with honey garlic soy sauce, served with tomatoes and sliced cucumber (pictured below)

Thai BBQ Chicken

— Juicy grilled chicken thigh served with a side of sticky rice and a small bowl of Isaan spicy “Jeaw” sauce

Tom Yum Wings — Blazing Thai hot wings with Tom Yum soup flavors

Tender Honey Garlic Soy Ribs
Honey Garlic Soy Ribs

Bistro Filet Fried Rice

— Garlic fried rice using beef tallow, bistro filet cut of steak on top, served with tiger cry sauce.

Expanding to the Northland is a significant step for us, and we couldn't be more excited. Our new space is bigger and we can’t wait to fill it with all of our new neighbors and their families and friends.  Our goal is to create a space for you to kick your feet up, relax, and let us serve you!  

With our unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality, we're confident that the Thai Orchid brand will become a staple in the Kansas City culinary scene. This new location will be opening its doors later this year, and are planning on seeing everyone you all for lunch and dinner on Wednesdays through Mondays (closed Tuesdays). We are looking forward to making their next mark in the Northlands by sharing the vibrant flavors of Thailand with all of you.

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