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Fried Tofu   8.50

Lightly fried diced tofu served with delicious sweet and spicy sauce topped with crushed peanut 

Chicken Sate   12.50

Marinated chicken grilled to perfection, served with cucumber sauce and peanut sauce

Taro Fries   8.50

Deep-fried shredded taro root battered in tempura, served with homemade plum sauce

Crispy Spring Rolls
Small (2 pieces) 6 / Large (5 pieces) 12

Lightly fried Spring Rolls stuffed with shrimp, ground chicken, jelly noodles, carrot, shredded cabbage , served with plum sauce

Soft Spring Rolls

Small (2 pieces) 6.50 / Large (5 pieces) 13

Fresh rice paper rolls, packed with shrimp, vegetables, jelly noodles and fresh herbs served with delicious sweet sauce sprinkled with crushed peanut

Veggie Dumplings   8.50

Lightly fried veggie dumplings served with Teriyaki sauce


Steamed Dumplings   10.50

Seasoned ground pork and shrimp wrapped in wonton skin, served with soy sauce and Thai Sriracha sauce 

Thai Orchid Samplers   14.50

Combination of 2 Fresh Spring Rolls, 2 Crispy Spring Rolls and 5 Crab rangoons served with plum sauce and sweet chili sauce with ground peanut.

Crab Rangoon   8.75

Lightly fried wonton wrap stuffed with silky cream cheese filling, served with plum sauce

Basil Wings   11

Jumbo wings glazed with Thai chili paste, garlic, and fresh basil gives you a perfect sweet and spicy combination. Its finger-licking good!!


Thai Salad   6.50

Garden green salad served with hard boiled egg topped with peanut sauce dressing.

Larb Chicken   14.95

Ground chicken tossed with salad mixed, onions, shallot, mint, seasoned with ground chilli peppers and lime juice.

Papaya Salad   11

Gluten-free and vegan salad with crunch raw papaya, tomatoes. Seasoned with crushed garlic, thai chili, tamarind extract. Based level spice is mild-medium. 


Tom Yum

Chicken / Tofu    small 6.50 / large 14.00

Shrimp               small 7.50 / large 16.00

Choice of protein served with mushrooms, bell pepper in clear hot and sour broth, seasoned with lime juice, lemon grass, cilantro and chili paste.


Tom Kha

Chicken / Tofu     small 7.00 / large 15.00

Choice of protein served with mushrooms, bell pepper in clear hot pot and sour broth, seasoned with lime juice, lemon grass, cilantro and chili paste.


Gang Chued Woon Sen

Tofu / Pork         small 6.50 / large 14.00

Clear chicken broth soup with jelly noodles, mushrooms and vegetables, and pork or tofu


Tom Yum Potek   25.00

A golden spicy soup seasoned with lime juice, lemon grass, basil, chili pepper, tossed with a combination of shrimp, scallop, squid and muscle, served in a firing hot pot.


Thai Orchid

Fresh & Healthy

Thai Curry

(All curry dishes come with a scoop of rice)

Choice of Meat

Chicken / Pork / Tofu / Vegetables   15.95

Beef       16.95      Shrimp   17.95

Duck      26.00

Panaeng Curry

Choice of meat cooked in semi-sweet Panaeng curry and coconut milk sauce accompanied by peas and bell peppers 



Southern Thai style curry peanut sauce cooked with coconut milk, accompanied with potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and peanuts


Green Curry

Choice of meat, bamboo shoots, bell peppers stewed in authentic Thai green curry and coconut milk


Red Curry

Choice of meat in red curry and coconut milk, accompanied be bamboo shoots, and bell peppers


Yellow Curry

Choice of meat cooked in sweet yellow curry paste, curry powder, and coconut milk, stewed with potato chunks, onions, and bell peppers


House Specialties

Orchid Signature

Chicken / Tofu   16.95

Chicken or tofu topped with our signature creamy peanut sauce on steamed napa cabbage and broccoli


Pad Gra Prao

Chicken / Pork / Tofu   15.95
Beef 16.95

Shrimp   17.95

Your choice of protein stir fried with basil, bell peppers and chilli pepper in basil gravy sauce


Chicken Cashew   18.95

Slices of tender chicken breast and crunchy cashew nuts in a chili paste sauce tossed with bell pepper, onions and scallion.


Double Delight Chicken and Shrimp   19.95

Bite size chicken and juicy shrimps mixed with medium chili paste tossed with cut green bean, bell peppers, onion, celery, mushrooms and scallions.


Pad King

Chicken / Pork / Tofu   15.95
Beef 16.95

Your choice of meat sauteed in brown sauce with shredded ginger, dried mushroom, onions, and scallion

Gai Tod (Fried Chicken with Sweet Sauce)  15.95

Seasoned battered chicken spread with sweet and spicy chili sauce with bell peppers and kaffir lime leaf.


Preow Warn (Sweet and Sour)

Chicken / Pork / Tofu   14.95

Shrimp   16.95

Choice of protein stirred fried sweet and sour sauce with pineapple, cucumber, onion, scallion and bell pepper.


Pad Pak

Chicken / Pork / Tofu   14.95

Beef 15.95

Your choice of protein stir fried with green beans, broccoli, napa cabbage, bamboo shoots, carrot, and mushroom in our gravy sauce


Tofu & Green Bean Delight   14.95

Tofu and green bean sautéed in tasty Thai spicy chilli paste

Thai Orchid

Serving Delicious Food Since 1991

Chef's Specialties

& Seafood

Orchid Sizzling   21.00

An Array of chicken, shrimp and mixed vegetables sautéed in a spicy red chili sauce and served on a sizzling hot plate.


Kaeng Ped Roasted Duck   26.00

Roast duck in a red curry and coconut milk sauce accompanied with onions, pineapple, tomato, and sweet peas.


Pad Ped Scallops   23.95

Scallops sautéed with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, scallion, & bell pepper, lightly sprinkled with curry powder & chili paste.


Seafood Combination   23.95

A display of shrimp, crab, scallops and squid tossed with vegetable accents of scallion, onions, celery and broccoli sautéed in curry powder and mild chili paste.


Seafood Hot Plate   23.95

An array of scallops, shrimp, crab, squid, and mixed vegetables smothered in spicy red chili sauce and served on a sizzling hot plate.


Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Chicken / Pork / Tofu   13.95

Beef   14.95     Shrimp 15.95

An authentic Thai street food style fried rice stir fried in hot wok with eggs, your choice of meat, topped with dice scallion


Spicy Basil Fried Rice

Chicken / Pork / Tofu   14.95

Beef   15.95     Shrimp 16.95

Fried Rice with chili paste sauce and Thai sweet basil with choice of pork, beef, or chicken or shrimp.


Pineapple Fried Rice   15.95

Fried Rice with chunks of pineapple and combination of chicken, shrimp, and cashew nuts.


Fried Chicken Fried Rice   15.95

Thai Style Fried Rice topped with fried chicken breast, served with sweet chili sauce.


Choice of Meat

Chicken / Tofu / Vegetables based price

Beef +1.00

Shrimp   +2.00

Seafood  +6.00

1. Pad Thai      15.95

The most popular Thai noodle dish, soft thin rice noodles sautéed with choice of meat, egg, bean sprouts, scallion, & ground peanuts.


2. Ba Mee Krob 15.95

Crispy egg noodles with choice of meat & onions in curry sauce.


3. Pad Sea Ew    15.95

Soft flat rice noodles sautéed with choice of meat, broccoli, & egg.


4. Pad Kee Mao   15.95

Soft flat rice noodles sautéed with choice of meat, broccoli, & egg in sweet basil chili paste sauce.

Thai Orchid

Authentic Thai Food

Side Orders

Steamed Rice   3

Steamed Rice Noodle   4


Steamed Vegetables   6

Plain Fried Rice 6

Peanut Sauce   Small 3 / Large 8


Coconut Cake   7.95

Sticky Rice with Mango   7.95

My Blueberry night   9.5

Fried Banana with Ice Cream   7.5


Thai Iced Tea   4.95


Thai Iced Coffee   4.95


Thai Iced Tea Lemonade   4.95


Soda   3


Iced Tea   3

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