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Restaurant week
Jan 13-22

LUNCH - $20
Course 1

Tom Yum Chicken - Chicken in clear hot & sour broth

Tom Kha Chicken - Chicken and mushrooms, bell pepper in coconut milk broth

Course 2

Crab Rangoons (7) 

Crispy Spring Rolls 

Soft Spring Rolls 

Veggy Dumplings

Course 3

Thai Curry - Red curry/Green curry/Massaman Curry/Yellow Curry/Panang Curry

Noodles - Pad Thai/Pad See Ew/Pad Khee Mao


DINNER - $40

Course 1

Soft Spring Rolls 

Crispy Spring Rolls 

Curry Puff 

Papaya Salad 

Course 2

Pork Belly Curry - Savory & sweet pork belly curry from Northern Thailand. Tender chunks of pork simmered in a coconut milk sauce infused with aromatic spices & sweetened with palm sugar. 

Three Flavored Fish - Deep-fried Tilapia and coated in a sweet, sour, & spicy sauce. The sauce is made with a blend of ingredients such as tamarind, palm sugar, fish sauce, & chili peppers. Served with rice.

Pad Thai Seafood - The most popular Thai noodle dish. Soft thin rice noodles sautéed with seafood, egg, bean sprouts, scallion, & ground peanuts.

Chu Chee Tofu - deep fried tofu coated in a flavorful & aromatic curry sauce. The sauce is made with coconut milk, red curry paste, & a variety of herbs and spices. Served with a side of steamed vegetables & a bowl of rice.

Course 3

Coconut Cake

Mango Sticky Rice

Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut Wafers

Drinks (Dine-in only)

Thai Tea/Thai Coffee/Soda 

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